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Why Old School Love Wins & Why You're Losing

  • Old school relationships and dating have a lot of benefits as compared to modern romances
  • Old school love sets a standard of what folks want in a relationship, and has couples putting in more work
  • Old school love is about communication and really talking to one another, doesn’t need an audience and is about working on problems together

32 year old, single, social media influencer, relationship blogger James Michael Sama says when it comes to dating there are "10 Reasons Old School Love Wins & You're Losing." And Sama should know since he has created the “New Chivalry Movement!”

These days most people are looking for love online or via apps, which anyone who’s done that knows can be far from romantic and rarely goes the distance. Back in the day, dating was more about romance and commitment, whereas today folks are looking to hook up and hope something comes of it.

These are some of the steps we need to take before and during dating to find lasting, ols school love:

Old School Love sets a standard –With old school relationships, the standards you are willing to accept are clearly defined from the beginning, which means you let a possible partner know what you are willing and not willing to accept up front. If you haven’t figured out what you want in a relationship yet, take time to identify it, and make sure your partner knows. 

  • Old School Love is about putting in the work – Old school love would never accept a few texts or messages to keep a relationship afloat. Relationships require work, and these days men don’t know the proper things they need to do to pursue a woman, and gals tend to be clueless on how to react when someone actually takes those extra steps. 
  • Old School Love lets men be men, and women be women - Yes women these days are independent and want to be treated as such, but there’s nothing wrong with a gal letting a guy take care of her, and women won’t lose their independence if they do so. It’s okay to let people show how much they care about you, and make you feel special. 
  • Old School Love puts down the phone and picks up her hand – While all of us are more connected than ever thanks to technology, few people really communicate with each other anymore. Real relationships are based on real communication, so we need to get back to talking to each other, regardless of the subject.
  • Old School Love makes you feel safe and secure - Real love is finding someone who makes you feel safe, and not just physically. You need someone you’re completely okay with sharing your most personal thoughts. If you aren't, you’ll never form a complete bond with that other person. The most important thing is finding someone you can feel safe with in all aspects of your relationship. 
  • Old School Love doesn’t need an audience – If it’s real love you don’t need to be constantly showing people that it is. Flaunting your “happiness” to your Instagram followers doesn’t make your relationship better. The folks in the best relationship are just happy, they don’t need to brag about it. 
  • Old School Love fixes what’s broken – Folks in real relationships don’t jump ship at the first sign of a problem. If it’s real love, you take the time to work on fixing the issue not walking away from your partner over it.

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