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Making Mom Friends Is A Lot Like Dating

When you’re a grown-up, making new friends isn’t as easy as it used to be. And once you become a mom, most of your new buddies will be mommies too. But you’ll find that making these new pals is actually a lot like dating. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • When you spot a mom you could get along with, it could feel like a crush - Remember that warm, fuzzy feeling?
  • When you’re sending the first text and you rewrite it a few times to get it right - Because you want to seem cool and not at all like a weirdo who spends 20-minutes perfecting a six word text.
  • When you get to the day of the playdate and freak out because you don’t even know this person - Maybe you should’ve thought these plans with a complete stranger through more.
  • When you and your new mom buddy get along, but your kids are on different nap schedules - Some things just aren’t meant to be and it’s hard to overcome this one.
  • When you like your new mom pal, but your kids don’t get along - Well, you tried once, and that’s all you can do.
  • When you find out they don’t care that your house isn’t clean -This is the non-judgmental mama friend you’ve been waiting for all this time.
  • When you know she’s the one - You like each other, your kids get along, your parenting styles match up, you can appreciate your differences without being critical, and your partners can hang out too? Look no further: you found “the one.”

Source: Scary Mommy

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