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More And More Kids Exposed To Technology Every Day

These days it isn’t uncommon to see a parent shove a tablet or cellphone in front of their kid's face to keep them quiet and occupied, and a new survey uncovers what kinds and how much screen time kids are getting.

Television is still the most popular device used at home, with 62% of parents saying kids are mostly drawn to the boob tube, with 47% attracted to tablets, 39% using smartphones and another 38% using video game consoles.

While most parents say they limit their kid's use of devices to two hours a day (53%), 45% of them say devices are allowed in bedrooms and kids use them anywhere from three to five hours a day. What’s more, 62% say their kids spend three hours or more on a smartphone, and 57% say their kids spend that same amount of time playing video games.

  • But most parents are careful about what their kids are doing on those devices. In fact, 83% say they know it’s important to monitor what their kids are doing, although 46% of parents who allow their kids to use a device before bedtime say are more likely not to institute parental supervision on those devices. 
  • And while parents do allow their kids to use all forms of technology, a good amount of them don’t think they are helping their child. The survey finds that 31% of parents believe their children are more isolated because the devices keep them from having more social interactions. On the flipside, 40% think tech promotes school readiness and cognitive development. 

Source: Report Linker

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