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Most Americans Aren’t Worried About Getting Older

While it may seem like most people dread the thought of getting older, a new survey reveals that most Americans are actually not at all that concerned about aging. In fact, according to a new “Aging in America” poll, 71% of Americans say they aren’t worried or fearful about aging very much, or even at all.

Overall, 38% of people believe that the best thing about getting older is gaining experience and wisdom, with only 1% thinking it’s acquiring greater wealth and material goods. But it does seem folks are split on how they describe the whole experience of getting older, with 49% using positive words like “hopeful,” “relevant” and “vibrant,” and the same amount describing it as “scary,” “depressing,” and “lonely.” 

And it sounds like a lot of people agree with the saying that age is just a number, because most people think there’s no such thing as being too old for something. For example,  62% of Americans say that 80 isn’t too old to run a marathon, serve in government, be a CEO of a company, teach a class or practice yoga.


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