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Americans Work/Life Balance Improving

These days a lot of us struggle with juggling our home life and our work life. Getting the right work/life balance isn’t always easy to accomplish, but it seems more of us are getting better at it. 

A new poll finds that 52% of workers say their work/life balance has gotten better in the past three years, with 91% of professionals saying their manager is very or somewhat supportive of their efforts to juggle both. And a whopping 74% describe their bosses as good or even excellent. 

But the survey can be a bit deceiving, since younger employees, who may not have as many home commitments, seem to be the majority of folks who say their work/life balance is improving. In fact, while 67% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 say their work/life balance has improved, only 21% of those 55 and older say the same. Younger employees are also more likely to say their managers are supportive, 62%, versus only 50% of the oldest respondents and 47% of those 35 to 54.

Source: Robert Half

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