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The Most Hated Thing In Each State

While Julie Andrews may sing about her “favorite things” in "The Sound of Music," let’s face it, there are probably more things people hate than love. And apparently where in the country you live may determine what you hate the most. 

Well, the Hater app, which matches people based on their dislikes, has analyzed their data to determine the most hated things in each state and some of the results may surprise you. 

For instance, while tourists may flock to New York to visit Times Square, that destination is actually the thing New Yorkers hate the most, and it's possible all the tourists is the reason why. Other things hated by people include:

  • God (New Hampshire),
  • New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (Massachusetts),
  • middle America (Rhode Island),
  • friends that ask you to move (Kentucky),
  • tuna salad (Georgia),
  • dabbing pizza with a napkin (Virginia),
  • and workout couples (Florida)

Midwest hates are decidedly different though, for example folks in Louisiana hate being the designated driver. As for the west coast, Californians hate fidget spinners, while Oregon hates spin class and Washington doesn’t like Keurig K-cups, but considering that's the birthplace of Starbucks, do you blame them? Meanwhile, Colorado hates *NYSNC and interestingly Nevada hates feminism, while Utah, understandably, hates porn. CLICK HERE to find out what your state hates the most.

Source: Refinery29

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