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People With Glasses Considered Smarter/Trustworthy

When you’re a kid, the idea of having to wear glasses is a nightmare, with fears that fellow classmates may start calling your four-eyes, or nerd. But it turns out, glasses can be a really good thing once you get older. 

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds that there are a lot of positives about wearing glasses. According to the survey, a third of people believe glasses make someone look smarter, while a fifth of folks think they make people appear more trustworthy, and 10% think they can help someone’s chances of getting a promotion. 

And while in the past folks may have hated their glasses, more and more people are accepting them. In fact, 63% of glasses wearers like the way they look in their spectacles, while 40% are more comfortable with themselves when they are wearing them as compared to when they are not. And there are some people without glasses who wish they had them, with 13% of people envious of those with glasses and another 10% of admitting to wearing fake glasses. 

As for how glasses affect a person’s physical appearance, 20% of men think glasses make people appear more attractive, while 12% of women say the same, although 20% of people do think glasses make folks look “nerdy.”

Source: The Sun

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