Woman's Messy Public Breakup With Lazy Boyfriend Goes Down On Twitter

It's bad form to break up with someone over text, but it's really uncomfortable to end a relationship over Twitter, and that's just what one couple did, much to the delight of the Internet. 

It started when a guy tweeted out his suggestion that people save up a few thousand dollars, quit their jobs and live off their savings for six months. 

Among the questions that tweet raised was the obvious one about rent. The person who answered it was the guy's girlfriend, who revealed her parents pay two-third's of the couple's rent. 

The boyfriend retorted that her parents don't have to do that. 

Then the girlfriend explained how her parents struggle to make sure that she is doing okay. 

Things broke down from there and their public bickering really heated up. 

At this point, people were wondering why they weren't taking the convo offline.

Not long after, the guy tweeted that their relationship was over, blaming the conversation. His now ex felt differently. 

Here's hoping he already started saving up his money!

Photo Credit: Getty