Why You Should Never Ask Siri About Sex

You can ask Siri a lot of things and often times you'll get helpful responses, but if you have questions about sex, you're better off going to Google. 

Researchers at New Zealand's University of Otago asked Siri questions about sex and sexual health and apparently Siri's answers were usually inaccurate.  

Google, on the other hand, scored top marks. When researchers asked Google "how to have sex," the search engine took them to YouTube videos of how to put on condoms. Siri told them there were "no results."

Siri was good for something though - when asked for information about STDs, the iPhone voice assistant offered nearby places to buy condoms or get emergency contraception. 

It may seem like a silly thing to study, but it is actually pretty important - two in five teens and adults go looking online for answers about sex.

Photo Credit: Getty