If You're Single, You Might Get 'Marleyed' This Holiday Season

Few people like to be alone during the holidays, and with so many folks heading back to their home towns to spend time with their family, some wind up reaching out to a former flame. In fact, so many people do it that there's now a name for it: Marleying. 

eHarmony came up with the term, naming it after the character "Jacob Marley" from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Marley is "Ebenezer Scrooge's" dead business partner who comes back as a ghost on Christmas Eve.  

According to research by the dating website, 11% of singles have been "Marleyed" and another 8% admit to reaching out to an ex. 

However, experts believe you shouldn't go back to a former flame since that relationship ended for a reason. Those same issues might come up again and ruin your holiday. Better to spend the time with friends and family. 

Photo Credit: Getty