Shawn Mendes Reveals What ‘If I Can’t Have You’ Could Have Sounded Like

On Sunday (November 3), Shawn Mendes took to Instagram to treat fans with three short unedited clips of his hit song “If I Can't Have You” and they'll blow your mind!

“Was going through my videos and found this from Jan 2nd. I remember I used [to] blast this video through my car speakers because I couldn’t wait to get Into the studio and finish it blah blah blah ya anyway I thought this was cool,” he wrote in the caption.

Each clip is a different unmastered version of the song; which was released earlier this year as the lead single from the deluxe edition of his third album. The first clip is a more EDM version of the song with a sick bass drop at the end while the middle clip showcases the 21-year-old's incredible vocals over a guitar. 

The last clip probably sounds the most like the mastered version with less instruments, either way, they all sound amazing and his fans couldn't help but to gush about the clips in his comments.

One fan in particular, Halsey (yep, that Halsey), wasted no time complimenting her fellow musician. “In my brain you just keep transposing it a half step every time until you’re singing so high my brain explodes. Jokes aside, you’re magic Shawn!!!!” she commented.

Many fans begged the Canadian singer to release all the versions and especially an acoustic take on the hit song. For now, it seems like he has no plans to release new versions of the song so fans will just have to listen to the clips on repeat. Check 'em out below!

Photo: Getty Images