Today is Wednesday... National CHICKEN WING DAY!

So check out this survey all about CHICKEN WINGS!

In a new survey, the website GRILLCOOKBAKE.COM asked Americans their preference on wing sauce, wing type (bone-in or boneless), and ranch or blue cheese. They then analyzed for the national results as well as the results in each state. Here are some of the findings:

  • While there was no runaway winner for favorite sauce, honey BBQ came in as the USA's favorite in 14 states. Hot Buffalo sauce was second with 9, and Parmesan garlic was third with 7 states.
  • With a 56% majority, bone-in (traditional) wings are the preferred wing style of Americans.
  • Ranch is America's favorite with 58% of respondents saying the prefer it over blue cheese.

Wanna see what wings/sauces/flavors are the faves where you live? Click here for the breakdown!

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