The WEST WING REUNION is incredible!

I cried.

This morning, I watched the WEST WING REUNION for WHEN WE ALL VOTE... and it was magnificent.

If you don't know THE WEST WING, this show was some of the best written, best acted art on television. The cast was truly amazing, the chemistry was outstanding... it truly was some of the best television from 1999 through 2006.

Today, we got to go back to the Bartlett Administration... and it was powerful.

The cast adapted the 2002 episode “Hartsfield’s Landing" to the stage. Filmed in LA at the Orpheum Theater... the cast brought all of the magic back with a degree of simplicity... but with all of the gravitas of writer Aaron Sorkin, who just has this way with words...

Now, I don't want to go spilling all the tea about the episode... because I really want you to watch it for yourself, but I will say this...

... at a time when rhetoric is vile, when we are divided, when the discourse is anything but productive... it was refreshing to get back to a place - even if it's a fictional place - where America thought bigger. Reached for better. Worked together. Inspired.

It's on HBO MAX. You've gotta watch this. It will be so good for your soul.

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