#AROUSAL: Chocolate... or a KISS? Which stimulates us more?? Hmmm.....

Hey guys.

So, one of my favorite places to visit in this life is a place which is totally themed around chocolate. Lots of chocolate. From Kisses to Bars to Chocolate Martinis, to the CITY in which this Hotel, and it's sister resort and chocolate theme park are located... to the SPAS which give massages and mani-pedis and whatnot to whomever might need the stress release which comes in a chocolate spa... well, the place is one of my favorite places to go to unplug and recharge.

So, when I saw this, I JUST HAD to ask you what you think about it.

Which do you think brings forth all of the "stimulation?"

A kiss? Or chocolate?

Your hope that the KISS is on the list things from the one you've chosen for the make out sessions... the one who brings you the 'feeeeeeels....' is only so good...

... but it's SECOND... to CHOCOLATE!

So grab your favorite chocolate bar... and click this for more!