#SOCIALMEDIA: How "LIKES" change the way we feel about memories!

How Social Media ‘Likes’ Change The Way We Feel About Our Memories

Not even our memories are safe from the effects of social media. New research has found how fondly we reminisce about an event could be based on how many “likes” we got back when we first experienced it.

For example, if a “memory” pops up in your feed about a party you were at a few years ago, if you click on it and see it only had a few measly reactions to it, you’ll look back on things more negatively than you would have just using your own built-in memory system. AKA your brain. People are starting to catch on to this because the researchers have found people actively avoiding posting some things out of fear they won’t get many likes and look back on something poorly.

But not all memories are viewed the same. The study found if a memory popped up that didn’t get many likes but it was just a random selfie pic of two friends, it wasn’t viewed too harshly. It’s when you cross the territory into some huge events and “shared memories” that people start getting weird about relying on others to tell them if they had a good time.

HT: Metro

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