#AUTO: TESLA offers "Self-Driving" Subscription for $200 a month. Trust it?

If you have a TESLA, and you want the "FULL SELF DRIVING" software in your ride, but can't afford the $10 GRAND up-front cost, you are in luck!

The electric car pioneer founded by the great ELON MUSK - peace be upon him - will allow customers to pay a $200 per month subscription rather than the $10k up-front fee, which could make the "full self driving" thing more accessible to a broader swath of drivers.

Tesla is quick to caution that this software does NOT make a car fully autonomous, however, which means, while the feature can operate your vehicle, you, as the driver, need to be ready to "take over at any moment."

Personally, I'm not sure I trust it. I'm even less certain I'd pay $200 a month for some software which I don't trust, which could fail, or be hacked, or crash, or whatever... especially when behind the wheel of an automobile.


Thoughts? Where are my TESLA drivers at? What do YOU have to say??!

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