#DOGHOUSE: And here are some ways to get OUT of the DOGHOUSE!

Today is National Get Out of The Doghouse Day… What’s The Longest You’ve Been in Your Partner’s Doghouse?

Do you have any "go-to" ways to get OUT of the DOGHOUSE??!

Generally, when you are “in the doghouse,” you have fallen out of favor with someone, usually your spouse or significant other. However, you can also be “in the doghouse” with a friend or your boss at work. This day uses all those good cliches to get you back in the big house where you belong.

Here are some tips to get “out of the doghouse.”

Put down the technology – If this is on your naughty list, don’t use email, texting, or other technology to apologize. A face-to-face or handwritten apology is best.

Meet at a favorite coffee house – The purpose here is to start talking. Listen to what the other person has to say and do not be judgmental or defensive. Find out why you are “in the doghouse” and give suggestions on how you can improve or fix the issue.

Send flowers, chocolates, or an appropriate gift – Include a hand-written note about how you are committed to fixing the issue. Do this AFTER you have already spoken. You will win extra brownie points as this will be unexpected. (Brownies will garner additional points, too!)

Now, I would normally add some quip about wine, or Deep Eddy's or whatnot here... but sometimes, BOOZE does not help one get out of the doghouse... sometimes, it just makes matters worse. So, if you find yourself in the doghouse today, good luck. You'll get out eventually... God willing!

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