#HEATWAVE: @tkradio's AC ISSUES are now at one week. No end in sight.

There's only so much you can take, right?

A week ago, I noticed our air-conditioning was acting up, blowing what seemed to be heated air through our vents at the place I live with my soon-to-be-college freshman daughter, Kyla. I put in a work order that evening. The next day, near close of business, the maintenance team showed up, changed a filter, and then, went out to the HVAC room on my patio to diagnose an issue there.

When he came in, he said to me that a cooling coil/condenser was basically toast, that parts were on order but that he didn't know when they'd be in.

Ever notice when things are bad, some people don't set expectations?

He returned with a portable AC unit and a fan which sucks the humidity out of rooms.

That was a week ago tomorrow.

Since then, temperatures in my bedroom and home studio space have hovered around 85 degrees. Humidity has fluctuated between bearable and ungodly.

I made a follow-up call to the office to see if they had any ETA or information to share. They didn't. They also didn't want to speculate on "when" the needed replacement part might arrive.

So here I am. Writing this to you in the heat of the moment. Wearing next to nothing, but you don't need that visual do you?

I'm about out of patience. But I'm hopeful... HOPEFUL... that maybe... just maybe... today will be the day they come in with a fix.


I'm going to get some water now. So I can sweat it out while I finish work - or while sleeping tonight.

Thanks for letting me vent... and for reading.

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